Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another After-Hours Clinic Visit

Today I made an ENT appointment for the twins in early January, and it couldn't arrive soon enough. Tonight I had to take a very cranky Molly back to the after-hours clinic for an ear re-check, where I learned (as I guessed) that the Omnicef wasn't curing her earache so we're now on the high-powered Augmentin. I can't stand pumping antibiotics into them like this.

I had a low-key day, distracted and saddened by the death of Caleb, and worrying about the family's health as always. I don't think Claire got one single bit of decent attention from me and I feel guilty about that. At least she had school this morning, which was a break from the house for her.

Tonight we're supposed to start putting together Claire's doll house from Santa, just to make sure all the parts are there and in good shape so we have time for replacements before Christmas Day. We'll see if that happens. I first have to make sure she's fast asleep before pulling it out.

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