Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Earaches, Continued

For a wonderful back-to-back after-hours clinic event, Kyle took Lily into the clinic last night where they confirmed (as I suspected would happen) that the 10 days of Omnicef didn't help and she's now on 10 days of Augmentin for her darned ears. That's 20 straight days of antibiotics for Lily, 16 days for Molly, and 10 for Claire. If I had been smarter I should have requested an ear check for Lily Sunday afternoon when I took them all for Claire's ear check, but she wasn't yet acting cranky. I'll know for next time, though I'm hoping there's no next time and that tubes will cure us of this earache hell.

Today it snowed. Kyle left the house at 9am and returned at nearly 10pm. That means I had a 13-hour day of kids, no break, no help, nothing. Kyle left the impression this morning that preschool was likely closed, and at the last minute I second guessed him only to find out that school was not cancelled. I literally woke Claire up at 8:49am and had her to school at 9:10 - that meant breakfast in the car, along with screaming twins, out of sorts from the (scary) snow and the unusual routine for the morning. They really are routine freaks. Anything out of the norm makes them anxious. It was a frantic half an hour, and the roads were slick, and I didn't like having my entire brood in the car under the circumstances. I then had to turn around and pick Claire up at 11:30am under similar conditions, though it seemed the extra traffic on the roads had helped a little by then.

I was excruciatingly busy with work today, so I had to balance kids and the job as well as I could. The twins napped all afternoon - I forced them to skip the morning nap so they were wiped - but Claire was bored and after much pleading she did her best to entertain herself so I could work.

Dinner (without Kyle's help) went reasonably well but the after-dinner stretch wasn't very much fun. Both Molly and Lily were tired and crying and I tried my best to ignore them and get the kitchen cleaned. Again, Claire had to entertain herself while I cleaned and then got the twins down for the night. Claire said at dinner "at least I got to go to school today, it's a lot funner than this". After I corrected her on the word 'funner', I told her I was doing my best but one adult and three kids isn't always a good ratio.

And now I'm numb with exhaustion, so good night.

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