Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wasted Trip

I wasted a trip to the after hours clinic tonight. I took Molly in after dinner tonight because it seemed to me her breathing was too labored, like that of a child with RSV (and my experience with this is based off of Claire's bout of RSV when she was about 18 months old). I was wrong. She's just a sick, feverish child, one whose temperature registered at 102 degrees even after a dose of Motrin. Usually the clinic is a super fast, super easy trip, but tonight the visit took an hour and a half - which meant we got Molly to bed an hour late and I struggled to keep her entertained and happy at the clinic.

Claire still seems well and Lily seems fine too, although Lily just woke up a few minutes ago (a little past 11pm). I suspect Lily will be sick by tomorrow. Maybe the rest of us will escape this.

I was at work all day and Kyle was home with the kids, so he got to experience a whole day with a sick kid and two other children who needed his attention. Tomorrow Kyle and I will be splitting childcare - I've got the morning with the kids and he'll have the afternoon. I've got a customer meeting I can't miss. Claire told me tonight that she missed me today while I was at work, which I thought was super sweet. I feel like I gave her 5 minutes of attention today, and Lily 2 minutes. Molly got the bulk of my attention and concern.

The twins turned 17 months today. And I'm getting glimpses of a light at the end of a tunnel, though it's faint and only intermittently shows itself.

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