Sunday, February 8, 2009

Science Is For Girls Too

I spent today getting ready for the workweek ahead - I grocery shopped, did laundry, and cooked five meals. OK, before I make myself sound overly ambitious, all I really did was make a big pot of spaghetti sauce (a 4-hour process), turn it into lasagna for tonight (one meal), leftovers later this week (second meal), and then I froze the remaining sauce in three separate bags for the three other nights. Not bad for a "lazy" Sunday.

Claire had her first Blue Valley Rec Science class. Kyle got to take her, so I wasn't able to observe the class directly. However, the Saturday class is at the same time as tap/ballet class, so I watched a little yesterday. It looks entertaining, and Claire loved it, but here's my beef - Johnson County moms are already clearly exhibiting the "gender stereotype" stuff that angers me so much, because this class is too boy heavy. Maybe I'm sensitive because I'm a female engineer, but I cannot stand seeing little girls herded only toward the dance and art stuff while the boys are in the science and sports classes. In the Saturday class, I saw one singular girl in the room. In Claire's class, there are just two girls. Johnson County Moms, wake up! Your girls will like science class too! All girls like science, until social norms, peer pressure, and girlie girl mothers teach little girls that science isn't a girl's thing. And what a tragedy that is.

And on the twin update, Molly is becoming more interested in walking. Kyle said she walked from the master bedroom doorway to the farthest point in her own bedroom! However, when I'm around, she demands I hold her hand and walk with her. This is all about securing mommy time - this is not because she's unable to walk (which is a little annoying to me). The one thing she's never figured out how to do is go from a sitting/crawling position on the floor to a standing position, so this is hindering her ability to walk. She has to use a piece of furniture to get to standing position. If she could figure this out, I think she'd become a real walker.

Tomorrow is an office day, and the nanny cancelled on us, so Kyle will be home with the kids. This is actually our first week of having a nanny only once a week, but with her cancellation, that leaves Kyle with two (or possibly more) days with the kids. I am also attempting round two of the turn signal fix so hopefully the Chrysler dealership treats me better this time.

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