Friday, February 6, 2009

A Hint of Spring

Today was nearly in the 70s (though super windy), so I was determined to get the kids outside. I again had a relatively slow work day (Fridays tend to be that way), so after picking Claire up from preschool I took the girls to Winstead's for lunch. They're getting to be pretty well behaved during lunches in public. After lunch, we went straight home, got the twins down for naps, and then Claire and I painstakingly hand-washed the minivan - not fun for me (great fun for her), but much needed. I wish I had taken a photo because Claire was dressed in the worst outfit ever as I knew she'd get wet and dirty.

For the fourth day running, Molly woke up from her nap too early, so she tends to stay super cranky all afternoon and evening. It's really wearing on me this week, and it might indicate that the Pink Medicine is not strong enough to combat her ear infection. I might have to get her re-checked tomorrow if she repeats the short nap pattern again.

Nevertheless, I took the babies outside for a brief time tonight, and I again found myself strongly wishing Molly would walk on her own. She forces me to hold her hand so she can walk, while Lily goes the opposite direction (of course), and I feel unable to keep an eye on Lily like I should with Molly demanding the walking assistance. It's a little stressful. I've learned to stay in the back yard with them because I can't manage the three of them in the front yard near the busy street all by myself - it's really not safe. One minute of distraction and Lily is in the street by herself. I suspect this is true for a few more years - especially once Molly is walking unaided! I have a feeling they'll always go opposite directions and resist my efforts to coordinate their movements. Photo today is of the twins sitting at the kid picnic table in the back yard - you can see their hair blowing in the wind.

I have unfortunately come down with the kid cooties and have felt under the weather the past two days. It could be worse, I suppose, but I've got horrendous sinus pressure and cold-like symptoms which is causing me to sleep poorly. My energy level is a little lower than normal too. Hopefully I start feeling better quickly because we have one more day in the 70s tomorrow before it turns cold again.

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