Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here We Go Again

Molly spiked a fever this afternoon, Claire is super tired, and Lily got cranky at bedtime. Here we go again - a new round of cooties. I don't know what's coming our way.

Claire's preschool posted a note saying that a kid exposed the school to viral meningitis (it's not nearly as scary as bacterial meningitis), so that didn't thrill me. And then today at Claire's gym class I could tell that one little girl whose toys were shared with my kids was getting sick, and she also had the stomach flu a few days ago. So who knows what we'll end up with. I'm just bracing myself for the usual chaos and non-stop crying and frustration in the house.

And I'm going to bed early, knowing someone will be up in the middle of the night. I have an office day tomorrow and Kyle will be home with the kids. He'll get the fun of dealing with cranky kids during the day.

On a hopeful note, Molly has started consistently telling me when she poops. She points at her bottom and says "poo poo", which is endearing despite the topic. Now this may not sound like much, but those who have recently potty trained a child know this means we're at the first stage - "recognition" of the event happening. I know I've got another year or so to go before we really try potty training, but I'm happy to see we're progressing in the right direction. I'm tired of diapers and my dry, cracked, old-looking hands need a break!

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