Friday, February 13, 2009

A Long Week

Today was Molly's third day of uber-crankiness. I wasted a trip to the after-hours clinic yesterday to find out her ears are fine but she's getting a molar. At least I know the issue now, but it didn't help me tolerate her third straight day of lots and lots of screaming. I am sick of it.

I was lucky it was a slow work day for me, other than an 8am conference call (8am!!!) and one at 9:30am. The rest of the day I kept myself busy with laundry and cleaning up. I also baked a cake (from a box mix, mind you - I don't have that much time on my hands). Claire loved her school Valentine's party and brought home way too much candy. She and Lily had pretty decent behavior today.

Kyle worked through dinner and kid bedtimes again tonight, so I had the kids to myself from 9am-8:30pm ... basically 12 hours without a break. Sheesh. It's a bit much, especially when one of the kids cries all day. I even got the twins bathed tonight before bed - a rare time when Molly wasn't crying.

And then at 8:30pm once everyone was in bed I slumped into my own bed and have watched tv and surfed the net since then. I'm overjoyed the weekend is here. Balancing work and older twins is getting harder and harder, and by Friday I'm so exhausted from the juggling act I want to scream. Or cry.

For a work update, I have learned I'll know on or before March 13 whether I'll still have a job. That's a full month of waiting! Urgh.

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