Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Boredom

We had another low-key weekend. Kyle worked most of Saturday so I had to be home with the kids again. With Molly still in short-napping-crying-all-the-time-mode (day four of this?!), I was fried by Saturday at lunchtime. My mom came over to visit briefly in the afternoon and I had high hopes of a nap, but Claire and grandma were too loud and then Molly woke up too early from her nap again. So no nap for me either.

Today was not very interesting either. We did take the kids out to lunch (where I got busted by the restaurant patrons for feeding Molly a packet of sugar to keep her calm before the food arrived ... amazing what I'll do to keep the peace in public), and I took Claire to Science class, but the rest of the day was just big grocery shopping and dinner prep.

And tomorrow starts another workweek. My weekend was not nearly interesting enough to give me a mood booster and energy for the workweek ahead.

Photos today are of the kids drawing on one of those "Aqua doodle" boards. Hey, like I said, it was a boring weekend so I had to stretch to get a few photos for today.

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