Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Record High and a Record Diaper Disaster

My first half of the day went quite well, other than the fact I've nearly lost my voice from the kid cooties. Claire and I did the usual tap/ballet routine, then looked for games for her preschool's Valentine's party this coming Friday (we're on point for bringing games - huh? - I don't even know what to do for that), and then went to Waffle House for lunch. Claire was distraught because her favorite waitress wasn't working today.

We returned home so Kyle could work this afternoon. He had the babies down for a nap, but as he was leaving, I heard Molly crying. Why? Because she woke herself up needing to poop. So she got about half an hour of nap time. I got her changed and she refused to go back to sleep. About this time, I heard Lily too. Hmmmm. I made it up to Lily, only to find her, her bed, her pacifiers, her clothes, and even some of the wall covered in poop. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.

So two things: onesies are becoming important (they keep curious hands out of bad diapers), and why the hell don't husbands get the importance of understanding a child's bowel rhythms, especially when both kids are on antibiotics?!

I had a horrid, horrid clean up event, one that just about turned my stomach. Lily screamed her whole shower (I went for the shower today so she wouldn't sit in poo water), Molly got hurt while I was tending to Lily, and I wanted to give up. But I couldn't. All is cleaned now but my hands are raw due to all the Lysol and washing and it killed an hour of our beautiful afternoon here.

When the bio hazard was cleaned, I took the kids to our favorite TCBY spot which has a kid picnic table. The girls had a blast. We then returned home for some outside play. We had a record high of 70-something degrees today so in some ways the diaper disaster gave us a little more time outside. Photos today are from the TCBY shop and the play time outside. Molly is crying in the wagon photo because she was exhausted by that time. She just had a refresher 30-minute nap and is now playing in the basement with me. Lily is quiet in her room - let's hope she's not working on a repeat diaper disaster.

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