Monday, February 9, 2009

Mr. Mom

There are some noticeable benefits to having Kyle home with the kids versus the nanny. In addition to the money savings, we can also maintain a clean home and the kids are in great moods. Granted, I did give some marching orders today about cleaning (I reminded him that kid days are not freebie days and housework does have to factor in), but he followed the plan and I came home to a spotless house (unlike the nanny days) and Kyle even made dinner. This was all good, because my energy level is still way down from the head cold and lack of sleep.

Molly had a rough evening for some unknown reason so that drove me a little nutty, but once the twins were in bed for the night I retreated to the bedroom and took a breather.

I got the turn signals fixed on the van today (and had to bum a ride from a colleague again). Some switch was malfunctioning, so they replaced the module. Unfortunately I had to pay a $100 deductible on the warranty so that negated our nanny savings for the day. It's always something, eh?

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