Saturday, December 5, 2009

Unsatisfying Saturday

The thing about making homemade chocolate chip cookies is that it takes time. Enough time, and coordination, to where I couldn't get Lily the minute she woke up. So she punished me by diaper diving again, and I ended up with an hour's worth of kid, bed, and clothes clean up to fix the poop mess. No apologies to Lily for her second cold shower.

And this on top of the plate Molly broke by sliding it off the table at snack time (remind me why I gave a two year old a breakable plate for her cookie??).

And all of that on top of a horrid morning spent at Chuck E Cheese for a preschool boy's birthday party. It was my first trip to that germ-infested, screaming kid land, and I will never, ever go back unless dragged kicking and screaming by someone stronger than I. Of course, I have (grainy) photos to share of the event ...

... and now I need - no, deserve - a drink. Or another cookie. Something. And I'm in that 48-hour countdown until the kids get sick again thanks to Chuck E Cheese.

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