Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Napping Adjustments

It looks as though I have a toddler dropping a nap ... at only two years and three months of age. Claire also dropped her nap before age three - I am certainly "blessed" with high energy children - but definitely not this early. Lily is my highest energy child (I lean toward thinking she is showing signs of ADHD ... time will tell), and recently her nap was causing some issues. She was beginning to stay up late and wake up too early, which is of great importance when she's sleeping in the same room with her twin who needs considerably more sleep to stay happy. Molly has been a class-act crank recently due to her sleep deficit caused by Lily.

So yesterday and today I dropped Lily's nap entirely and she didn't even blink - it's like she didn't even notice that her schedule had changed. She wasn't cranky or overly tired. I'm not sure this is the result I was hoping for. It stands to make my WFH days extremely difficult without both of the twins napping for at least an hour and a half or more. I'm very anxious about this change.

I also know that kids are continually adjusting their sleep requirements, and even when Claire started dropping her nap, we often went to every other day before cutting them out entirely (part of my test today was to see if Lily needs no nap at all, or an every other day nap). If it's every other day, I could ensure that the nanny gets the no nap days and I get the nap days on two of my three WFH days. But if Lily has entirely dropped the nap, then life has just gotten more difficult for me during the work week.

I have friends whose kids napped well into their fourth and even fifth years. They don't know how good they've got it ...

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