Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Playdate Day

Claire was in heaven today ... she had both best friend Lauren and neighbor Ashley over to play this afternoon. I felt the weight of being responsible for five girls, doing meals, snacks, and a shrinky dink project with them, so I'm exhausted tonight.

And I think Molly must have been tired this evening too. No matter how many times I said "be quiet!", "find a quiet game to play while Molly naps!", "please don't wake up Molly!", the girls just could not be quiet, so Molly got maybe thirty minutes of naptime. It was not the best of circumstances for the naptime routine.

So next time I decide to take on another playdate, I'll need to find a low-key activity for the girls while Molly naps. It will make that part of the playdate far less stressful for me.

But I loved seeing Claire so happy, so I was able to overlook some of the noise and chaos. I definitely learned that two girls can play together rather calmly, but three girls together is just noise and chaos. Lesson learned for mommy.

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