Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Claire's Christmas Pageant

It's with an odd mix of "incredibly proud" and "very amused" that I post this video from tonight's Christmas pageant at Claire's preschool. Unfortunately, because I was not well prepared, I missed Claire's first two lines, so you'll only hear her last few sentences. But I caught the one line that mattered (or shall I say, amused me) ... can you hear it?

Her lines are supposed to be: "Do not be afraid. I have good news for you all. Today in the town of Bethlehem, the Christ child has been born. Follow the star to Jesus' stable."

But Claire can't say Christ child - she says "Price" child, which sends me into giggling fits (somehow I sense all Christians cringing inwardly at the thought of associating Christ with consumerism, which makes this all the more wrong to my ears).

But she delivered her lines with such clarity, and ease, and strength of voice ... I am so proud! She was amazing, and she had the starring role in tonight's play. With at least 300 people in attendance, she deserves some serious kudos for her performance. "Price" child and all.

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