Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sneaky Molly

The evidence was unmistakable. A lonely wrapper dismissed on the floor tells quite the story.

But I didn't see it until later because I was folding laundry. Instead, Claire alerted me that Molly was hiding from me in the basement, so I went in search of her. I found her in the playhouse in the basement, lying on the floor curled around her stolen loot in a protective manner. She had swiped a lollipop and was furiously eating it, hoping to keep me from taking it away.

Christmas night Molly had broken the cabinet lock off the "candy cabinet" doors (surely with malicious intent), and I was too slow to find a replacement. Yesterday, Molly took advantage of the wide-open access and grabbed herself the lollipop while I was out of sight folding laundry. She knew she had done something unacceptable, so she knew well enough to go hide and eat it (and giggle tremendously when I found her with it). I promptly found that new cabinet door lock, but I guess she got her reward in the end ... I let her keep the stolen lollipop, mainly as a tip of the hat to her well-thought out plan.

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