Sunday, December 6, 2009

Little House On The Prairie

I took Claire to Crown Centre today to see the production of "Little House On The Prairie" at the Coterie Theatre. I wasn't sure how she'd feel about it, but she seemed to really enjoy it and listened intently, wide-eyed, through the hour-plus production (the fake guns really caught her attention). It was also a blast from the past for me, seeing two long-time Lawrence residents still on the theatre circuit. They had barely aged in the last two decades since I last saw them.

We also explored Crown Centre, and I was disappointed to learn the Kaleidoscope place (arts and crafts place sponsored by Hallmark) is closed on Sundays. We'll have to go back to enjoy that part of the mall next time. We spied ice skaters at the very rink I used to skate on every December with a childhood friend and her father, but we didn't brave the outdoors without our coats this afternoon.

Tonight we're peeking outside to see if we get our first round of real snow - we may get a dusting or up to a half inch, or nothing at all!

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