Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nelson-Atkins Museum

I was quite certain the "grown up" museum Claire and I visited today (Kansas City's Nelson-Atkins Museum) didn't make a huge impression, and Papa's visit tonight confirmed that. I asked Papa to quiz Claire about her museum visit, and she was able to mention the water fountain in the museum's cafe and the cafe itself, but not much else. With some prodding, she noted a Jackson Pollock modern art painting, but that's it.

But it was a free visit, and we had less time today to spend on a fun outing, so I'm OK that she was underwhelmed by the museum visit. She is, after all, only five years old. There are 55 year olds who don't appreciate art too.

I'll post my favorite photos from today ....

... and now I need to think through the week ahead. I've got vacation time, but I've still got a nanny on duty, so that means it's time for boring adult errands like oil changes and such. Tomorrow Claire starts a 3-day "winter camp" at the nearby MyGym location, which will be arts, crafts, and gymnastics, so she'll get some excitement for 3 hours a day for the first half this week.

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