Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Stats

Four shots, two flu mists, two finger pricks and associated blood collection. Loud crying (Molly, mostly). The girls both seem to have some minor skin conditions they may fight for life (to be confirmed by a specialist hopefully soon), but otherwise got a thumbs up from the doctor today. As always, Lily is a bit taller and weighs a hair less. Lily is 34 inches, 24 lbs 14 oz. (50th on height and 30th on weight), and Molly is 33 1/2 inches and 25 lbs (30th on height and 50th on weight).

Shots mean crankiness, so I listened to whining and crying on top of three loads of laundry, an emptied dishwasher, dinner cooked while the kids ran wild (Kyle was not home to help), perpetual toy clean up ... and of course my job had to fit somewhere in there too. An exhausting day I'd rather not repeat any time soon.

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