Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Claire Weekend

Between the nine hours at the garage sale yesterday and an afternoon with Claire today, I had a "Claire weekend" - lots of time with her, not as much time with the twins. Claire was super helpful at the garage sale yesterday, and fun on our outing this afternoon. I know I tend to post more twin photos, but today I'm making an effort at posting some Claire photos. I had to work like mad to get her to quit making goofy faces or frowning at the camera (which is why I so rarely post photos of her anymore), but I think I pulled off some good ones. We had a lovely snack of chocolate fondue with fun things to dip in it ...

... and we sat outside the restaurant and enjoyed the gorgeous weather together. The restaurant is in the exact same spot I took the twins' photos for the "product review" photo shoot, so I tried to get Claire to play along for some fun photos. She cooperated a little, and here are the results ...

... with the last photo being her idea to throw some tiny Fall yellow leaves in the air while I shot the picture. I love how it turned out! I also love the one of her laughing in the photo exactly like the lady on the billboard. This is clearly my new favorite place to take photos - the colors are fantastic.

Claire and I started planning her birthday party for about a month from now, and she's already impatient for the day to come. As expected, she's also quite opinionated about how the day ought to go!

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