Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gutter Humor

After dinner tonight, Claire and Molly were over in a corner of the room playing together. Molly got gassy, and she looked at Claire and screamed, "Me! Poo poo!". The two of them then erupted in giggles.

Across the room, I turned my head and laughed too. It seems the bathroom humor starts early. Glad to see the kids are fulfilling their family gutter humor legacy (*snicker*).

On another note, I am frantically preparing for an enormous four-family garage sale to be held at my house this coming Saturday. I've priced but one quarter of the kid clothes we are selling so it's likely I won't post much for the remainder of the week. I need to be heads down working on tagging all the kid and maternity clothes. Am I a tad sentimental about the items? Maybe a touch, but pregnancy and babies are now in my past, and it's time to dump the items and make some money off of the investment we made.

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