Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Louisburg Cider Mill

This afternoon I took the kids to the Louisburg Cider Mill, where you can eat apple cider doughnuts, drink apple cider, watch how the cider is made, buy pumpkins, and climb hay bales. The crisp Fall air was the perfect touch for the afternoon event. Molly wasn't a big fan of the place (the cider machine noises scared her), but Lily and Claire had a pretty good time. The hay bales were a big hit with those two. You'll note Molly is non-existent in my photos because she had to hold my hand or hang onto my leg, which made it impossible to get a decent photo of her.

Sometimes I marvel that such bucolic scenes are only a 15 minute drive from my house ...

... and here are Molly and Claire enjoying the hay bales and checking out the pumpkins ...

... and it's just past 9:30pm, and this mom is tired! Tomorrow the nanny decided she did want to help, so I have a haircut planned for some "me time", and I might grab a couple extra books for the twins' birthday presents. Other than that, my plans are still up in the air, and I tend to like it that way.

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