Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fully Decorated

We're Christmas'ed up now. Fully decorated. Tree is done, mantle is done. And Claire continued to be hyper all day (from Christmas excitement) but she did note that the decorating took a while and could get a little boring.

I saw my first movie in over 5 years last night! My friend and I went to a late-night movie after kids were in bed. We saw "The Secret Life of Bees", with all of eight women in the theatre. A good chick flick, but more importantly, a couple hours of pure mind escape. I had forgotten the value of movies for that escapism factor.

Back to work tomorrow, with no more vacation time until closer to Christmas. I'm sure the nanny will have fun keeping the twins out of the Christmas decorations (though you'll note in my photos here that we did put up the gate around the tree).

Photos today are of the Christmas tree, mantle, Claire's personal tree (she gets to decorate it as she likes, with no help from us), and two funny photos of the twins at breakfast. In one, Lily has Molly's favorite empty Motrin bottle and Molly is desperate to get it back; in the other, they are looking at Kyle/the camera in a way that made me laugh.

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