Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

The other night I wore a t-shirt to bed that came from my sorority days, one of those party favors, an oversized thing with graphics on the back and the party event and date mentioned on the front. It said 1991. I realized that meant I was actually in college 17 years ago. I was surprised by that for some reason. So I shouldn't have been surprised that my cake had "36" noted on it today, but I still felt a little, uh, ooooold tonight. I'm not afraid of aging by any means - I think it's a badge of honor, with the aged person being bestowed with the gift of life wisdom - but I guess I'm surprised by how quickly 36 years has passed. Or at least how quickly life has passed since I had kids.

I had a nice birthday. The kids were great, the visit at Lauren's house was nice, and we got everyone out for dinner. I came home to cake and birthday presents (noted in pictures, with Claire's handwritten gift tag in the pic), got the kids to bed, and then picked up my twin mom friend and had a glass of wine. Aaaaaaaah. Not a bad day at all.

Here's to hoping my 36th year is a little easier than my 35th was.

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