Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm so glad it's Friday - it has felt like a long week. I was in the office the full 2 1/2 days this week. I cooked dinner four nights (well, tonight was leftovers, but I still prepped the dinner). I did all the kid's laundry today, which took all afternoon and evening. And today I didn't get more than half an hour's break from kids between 9am and 8pm - that's 11 straight hours of kids. I'm wiped.

I also didn't get enough sleep this week because I was determined to finish Newsweek's election coverage issue. I finished it officially at 9pm tonight, and it's a good read. Who knew that both campaign's systems were hacked (by maybe the Russians or the Chinese)?

So on that note, I'm off to bed early now. Tomorrow is tap & ballet class and a few errands, though the weather is going to be frightfully cold. We might be better off staying inside and finishing the closet clean out for the donation to Goodwill.

A couple kid notes:

Molly has already decided to try a few tentative steps (1-2 steps) after recently standing by herself. Lily is up to maybe 3-4 steps when coaxed, but refuses to consider walking a good way to maneuver around.

Claire's humor has really matured. After picking up spaghetti at our favorite spaghetti restaurant last week, the conversation at the dinner table went like this:

Kyle - "so was the restaurant busy tonight?"
Me - "yes, it was packed"
Claire [without missing a beat] - "like a suitcase"

Ha ha! Now don't get her into telling Knock Knock jokes - her versions are horrible!

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