Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Party

Claire's preschool had a Thanksgiving party this morning. Somehow, people ate turkey and the usual side dishes at 10:45am in the morning. Yuck. It was a potluck, and I took a green bean casserole, and instead of eating I let the squirmy twins crawl around on the (dirty) floor while Kyle and Claire ate at the table.

What this outing did, however, was make the twins super tired, so they slept the entire afternoon. This trashed my plans to get the kids out today on my vacation day. Instead, Claire and I were stuck inside and I ended up enrolling her in a few classes: a singular hour-long painting/glazing class for Dec. 19, a short science class in February, and a 4-session ice skating class over Christmas week. Claire was bored out of her mind while she watched me choose these classes. I wish we had been able to get out of the house and enjoy our day a little more.

I also figured out I'm on point to do a Thanksgiving dinner now - for just the five of us - now that extended family members suddenly changed plans today. So I rushed out to HyVee for all the Thanksgiving items and got that done tonight after dinner. I had to do some quick menu planning and think through some make-ahead dishes so I'm not stuck frantically cooking all day on Thursday.

Today's photos are from the preschool's Thanksgiving party.

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