Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Busy Sunday

Claire and I had a busy day today. I didn't get to sleep in much (thanks to kid interruptions), so I spent the morning getting a "real" shower (as opposed to those 5-minute ones during the week) and then Claire and I had lunch at Waffle House. After that, we went to the mall to cash in my birthday gift certificate on some wonderfully comfortable, but stylish, shoes from Nordstrom's, picked out a few more charms for Claire's charm bracelet, made a stop by Mrs. Field's cookies for a snack, and then went home, picked up Kyle and the twins, and went to the "dirt mall" (the low-end mall) to Burlington Coat Factory to pick out a coat for Claire. She and Molly were both incredibly impatient with that mall trip (Molly demanded to be held or allowed to crawl around on dirty store floors, while Claire got grumpy about trying on 10 different coats). Lily was perfectly behaved. We returned home, and soon afterwards Papa arrived for dinner. Papa and I picked up food at Dean & Deluca for dinner and then we had some play time with kids afterwards. Claire was noticeably jealous when Papa paid attention to her sisters. She also threw a class-act tantrum when Kyle made her go to bed and Papa was still in the house. She's exhausted (but somehow still playing in her room upstairs now).

Photos today are from the play time with Papa and Claire tonight, where we were laughing at the static Claire's hair was picking up from the plastic climbing equipment.

Tomorrow I'm working a few hours in the morning and then taking the rest of the week off! I'm still having the nanny work this week so I can get some Christmas (Santa) shopping done and catch a small break for myself, a rare delight during the daytime.

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