Saturday, November 22, 2008

Molly's Molars and the Mother Machine

I was up from 1am-4:30am last night, thanks to Molly getting her second molar. And I just completed 12 hours straight with kids so I am beyond wiped. I also accomplished (in addition to this morning's dance class) a grocery trip and the fixing of a massive amount of spaghetti sauce. I started cooking at 1:30pm and ended at 6:30pm. I also organized Claire's artwork today. Sometimes, I don't know how I do it.

Back on the topic of molars - if the last round were any indicator, it looks as though tonight and Sunday night will be awful. I've warned Kyle he's on Molly duty tonight when she wakes up at 1am again. I can't keep doing this. I've been a little lightheaded the past few days and I'm wondering if it's exhaustion.

Today, as I noted, we had our usual Saturday dance class, and then we joined Lauren and her family for lunch afterwards, did the HyVee trip, and Kyle had to work today so I had kid duty and cooking duty all afternoon. As long as I was stuck at home today I thought I might as well make it worthwhile, so I doubled the spaghetti sauce recipe for lasagna tonight and froze the remaining for other nights for a quick dinner. And I did some organizing and a lady stopped by and bought a couple of our bigger baby items (the activity center and one bouncy seat). I made a quick $65 today. I love Craig's List.

Claire begged me to read her a bedtime story (a duty I've passed to Kyle for nearly two years now) and I agreed so when I left her room at 9:12pm I realized I'd been with kids for 12 hours straight without one tiny little break. Sigh.

Yesterday was a big milestone day. Lily decided to walk! I consider her 'officially' walking now because she voluntarily decides to walk at particular moments, and while she's very unsteady, she can actually go a small distance. When she falls, she usually resorts to crawling, but sometimes she gets back up and tries to walk again. In my mind, that's real walking. She's made the mental connection that walking upright is the next thing to perfect.

The cutest thing that has happened this week is one morning, when Molly saw Lily for the first time (Molly wakes up hours ahead of Lily generally), she crawled up to her and said "Hi!". I wish I had it on film.

Today's photos: Molly crawling up the stairs (her new favorite game - she makes a break for it any time she sees the chance), the twins looking outside at Claire and the neighbor friend today, and playing in Claire's room tonight before bedtime.

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