Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Time To Explore

11-hour day alone with the kids (Kyle home late tonight): check
complete my "real" (paid) work: check
wash and hang all the family's laundry: check
do preschool pick up: check
get the kids outdoors to enjoy the nice weather: check
finish swapping kids' closets from summer to winter clothes: check
cook and clean up dinner: check
make a quick Kohl's and Walmart trip after kids in bed: check
blog: check

I should feel a great sense of accomplishment, but I'm struggling to feel that ... one, because I'm getting Claire's head cold and my energy level is low (despite my output today which would indicate otherwise); and two, because getting that much done [see list above] usually means the kids stay a little bored all day which makes me feel like a failure. At least we got 45 minutes outside today, where I snapped a few photos of the girls. Molly was walking around with the binoculars "exploring" hence the funny photos. For my part, I'd like to explore ways to ditch the mom guilt when I don't feel like I've entertained my kids well all day.

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