Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here We Go Again

I spent two hours at the after-hours clinic tonight (unfortunately, in two separate trips) to confirm my diagnosis: Lily has her first ear infection of the season. Urgh. Here we go again. She never even had a head cold - this infection is purely from drainage that is rattling in the back of her throat, and I've been predicting it for almost two weeks. I've done somewhat of a 180 from last winter and am now thinking that we should proceed with tubes at least for Lily. If minimal drainage issues can land her in earache territory, then the seven head colds to come this winter will be brutal. We don't need perpetual antibiotics again.

In the middle of these two clinic visits (one with all three kids, and one with only Lily), I took Claire and the twins to Claire's first ice skating lesson. It was much too short due to all the administrative items tonight, but she enjoyed it. What I didn't like is they took the kids to this miniature skating rink at the back of the building and parents were not allowed to stay and watch. Call me over protective, but I like monitoring if my kid falls and hits her head. That way, I have some idea how hard she hit. I felt very blind to the process back there which made me a little nervous.

So, if you mix the clinic trips, ice skating lessons, three loads of laundry, dinner cooked (had to do a crockpot meal to ensure dinner was on the table at 6:30pm), preschool pick up, and the WFH day, you'll find one very exhausted parent at the end of it. It doesn't help that the twins had us up for over an hour in the middle of the night last night either. *Yawn*

I hope everyone sleeps through the night tonight and tomorrow provides a low-key office day! Fingers crossed that all my clinic trips did not expose us to the flu either ...

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