Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday Party Day

Claire had a big day today - we celebrated her birthday (which is officially tomorrow) with her friends at the pottery painting store. The pottery painting idea was a bit of a gamble - with pre-K, kindergarten, and first graders in attendance, I wasn't sure who would actually enjoy the painting event. With one exception, I think the kids had a good time painting, and I was happy to keep the party noise and mess in a venue other than my own home!

I am now also sold on Sam's Club buttercream cup cakes. I did not eat one at the party, but I just snacked on half of one a few minutes ago, and they were shockingly good! Way to go Sam's Club. I'm impressed - especially for under $10.

Claire's big birthday dreams have already been fulfilled (she got a globe and a Barbie fishing rod, along with all sorts of other great gifts), so Kyle and I are at a loss for gift ideas. This is the first year we've struggled like crazy to come up with a gift, so tomorrow I'm taking her shopping and she can pick out (with some mom guidance) the gift she wants from us. The way Claire sees this, she got to celebrate today, and then preschool throws her a party tomorrow, and then we'll do "real" cake at home tomorrow night on her real birthday, so she said she's getting three birthday parties out of this deal! Not bad for turning five.

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