Friday, October 16, 2009

A Full Friday

A park visit, clothing store trip, Waffle House lunch, Fall scavenger hunt walk, and Pizza Shoppe dinner provided us with a full, fun Friday (despite the continuing cold weather). Claire and I also confirmed her birthday party with the pottery shop, put together her party favor gift bags, and got laundry done over the twins' nap time. I was lucky to receive fewer than 10 work emails today (a super slow work day) which allowed all this extra fun. We really had a great time all around today.

Here's a photo of Molly freezing at the park this morning (I didn't dress them warmly enough, so we only had about a 15-minute park visit due to the Molly discomfort/drama) ...

... and then here's some photos from our "Fall scavenger hunt" walk early this evening where I dressed the girls more appropriately. Molly was much happier outdoors with her coat on so we all had a fantastic time checking out the red, yellow, and orange leaves, along with the big oversized acorns we found.

TGIF! I'm so happy it's the weekend again!

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