Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Good Visit To The Doctor

Finally, we had a "good" visit to the doctor: we weren't there because a kid was sick or had a broken a bone, but just for a mundane well-child check-up. Even better was that I was able to get through the appointment without listening to two babies scream. Claire and I were alone, and the examining room was blissfully peaceful. Claire made one very small "ooooh" noise when she got her flu shot - the only shot she received today - but that was as bad as it got.

She is 41 1/2 inches and 37 pounds - 75th and 65th percentiles respectively. Please tell me how two very short parents continue to have a child in the 75th percentile in height?? We're still stuck in a regular carseat until she's 40 pounds, at which point we can move to a booster seat.

Claire also got a finger prick (she actually nervously giggled at that one!) and was supposed to pee in a cup for the first time but she didn't need to pee so we left without leaving them a sample. I begged and begged for 15 minutes in the bathroom but she couldn't come up with more than a drop. Clearly she inherited her father's stronger bladder. Mine can't make it more than 20 minutes.

I thought for sure she had rectal strep (yes, it exists) but the swab sample came back negative. The doctor and I were trying hard not to laugh at Claire's modesty and the ridiculous position she took to give the doctor a view of the area. I felt sorry for her embarrassment but the whole scene was downright funny. Even the stoic doctor got the giggles.

So basically the worst part of the day (other than Molly waking me at 6am) was at lunchtime after preschool pick up, where Molly threw an enormous tantrum in the Culver's restaurant over the ice cream cup. The entire restaurant was staring. I packed up all three kids in a matter of two minutes and was out the door, leaving a mess on the table in my expedient exit. I was mortified. Molly is definitely in a new phase, and she's incredibly demanding and very loud. I can tell she wishes she could talk to get her point across and her frustration level with us when we don't understand boils over quickly. She's got a very short fuse right now. Lily, for once, seems like the super-calm, super-easy twin. They've flip flopped on me. When Lily does have her (now more limited) meltdowns she's still unstoppable, but Molly is feistier all day long now. I wouldn't have predicted this one.

OK, off to bed .... office day tomorrow. Let's hope the nanny keeps it under control at home. I'm realizing my kitchen will never be cleaned well enough to my standards when she's here.

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