Thursday, October 2, 2008

A First Field Trip

Today Claire went to a pumpkin patch with her preschool class. Kyle dropped her off and picked her up at the pumpkin patch, so I was a little nervous about her being out in the 'real' world with only her teacher to monitor her. Fortunately Lauren's mom joined them and promised Kyle she'd look out for both the girls and that provided me with a lot of security. Photos are from the pumpkin patch event today, and most feature Claire and Lauren. Kyle stayed long enough to snap some photos.

Last Friday the preschool also walked the kids to a Price Chopper grocery store and then McDonald's, but that concerned me less maybe because I am personally familiar with the store and that McDonald's. I guess this field trip thing starts early!

Lily still refuses to crawl or put weight on her bad arm/shoulder. She had an OK day and only screamed when I picked her up the wrong way and caused her collarbone pain. The downside of her not being able to crawl is that it's making her more bold about figuring out how to walk, which sounds great, until one realizes that newly walking toddlers fall a lot and how, exactly, is she supposed to catch her fall with a bad collarbone? So I foresee another bad accident happening in the split second someone isn't watching her like a hawk. It's tiring to feel so over-vigilant with her along with taking care of the other two kids.

Molly had a really cranky day - is this from the shots yesterday? - so I continue to be fried from all the baby crying the last three days.

I still haven't made a final decision about the new nanny ... whether to keep her and ask her to improve or jettison her for the French girl. The French girl is still calling (about 5 times today, to be exact), but she is seeming a little more unpredictable and opportunistic than I originally thought so I'm not sure what to do. But it's eating at me as I know my Plan B, the French girl, will be employed and unavailable any day now.

Claire and I did get outside today to enjoy the amazing weather during the babies' second nap. We played on the swing set, hit baseballs, and made up a funny bouncing game. She was out like a light at bedtime tonight for the first night in a long time. Guess the pumpkin patch did its job.

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