Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sickness Not Allowed

It was confirmed. Lily did break her collarbone - she has the tell-tale "callous" (doctor's term) on the bone that signifies a break (it's a huge knot you can feel on the collarbone). So who knew a swelling could mask a break on an x-ray? I certainly learned something new.

I am getting a sore throat and slight runny nose. Oh great. If this progresses, this will be one of those horrible times when I don't feel up for childcare but have no assistance and will have to soldier on despite how I feel. I'll never forget the second year of being a mom and getting the flu shot, and the nurse asked me, "so you've now figured out moms can't get sick, huh?". Boy have I figured that one out.

I'm off to bed soon, hoping to minimize whatever I'm coming down with. Tonight's photo is of the kids enjoying some play time in the basement, where we placed the ball pit at the base of the slide.

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