Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another Round of Sickness

This is a much overdue post. I haven't necessarily been busier than usual, but I have been trying to get to bed earlier to fight my fatigue and that has reduced my computer time at night.

I was hoping to post that the kids are improving - in fact, Lily is back to crawling normally and her pain level seems much improved - but today the twins both spiked fevers so we've got a new round of sickness hitting us. It remains to be seen what they've actually got, but I'm hopeful tonight (dosed with Motrin) we'll have a better night of sleep than last night. I was up 6 times last night listening to two different babies cry.

Work has been slow, so I've mainly been focused on getting Lily better. I've always liked the 12-18 month old stretch, and though I'm more overwhelmed this time with the twins, I see it might still have a few good moments. I like watching language blossom. The other night after bath time we asked Molly to 'get the brush and brush your hair' and she crawled over to the brush and started brushing her hair. Adorable! It's amazing to watch the light bulbs go off in their heads.

And we are in the countdown to Claire's birthday. 10 days. In fact, we need to get her a birthday present ourselves - we're a little late in doing that.

Well, my new 10:30pm bedtime is upon me so I must sign off. I certainly hope I get some decent sleep tonight but likely Molly will wake soon once the Motrin wears off.

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