Friday, May 30, 2008

All Good Intentions

I had every good intention to post something thought-provoking today. Instead, we're going to talk about an example of how husbands make wives mad and blowouts. Yes, poop. You knew we were going to talk about baby poop, right? In a blog about our family, poop will be a continual part of these posts. It's just a parenting thing.

So first, for how the husband made me mad. I haven't slept through the night, except for last Friday night, since I got pregnant with the twins - so that's 17 months and counting. That sleeplessness will make anyone a little crazy. Kyle and I sleep in different rooms so that at least one of us (read: him) gets uninterrupted sleep every night while the other (me) gets up with Molly twice a night. Kyle is officially on duty with the other two kids, but he is rarely up with any of them - Lily is an amazing sleeper at a minimum of 12 hours per night straight, and Claire only wakes occasionally with thunderstorms or when she's sick. So recently Molly has been in a bad pattern (bad for those of us who are not morning people) of waking at 6:30am and staying up until about a 10am naptime. After being up with her around midnight and again at 4am, I'm in no mood to deal with her at 6:30am. The recent understanding between husband and wife around here is that I can drop off Molly at this early hour in the guest room with Kyle while I go back and get some more sleep. This morning the same pattern occurred - Molly up at 6:30am and ready to go for the day! I was NOT ready to go. So I fed her and walked her to the guest room only to be surprised by the sight of Claire lying in the bed with Kyle (I guess the thunderstorms woke her up last night??). I motioned to Kyle to come get Molly ... made sure not to talk so I didn't wake Claire so early ... and went back to the master bedroom to await my relief. And I waited, and waited, and waited. He showed up with Claire at 8:30am after I had suffered through the last two hours without extra sleep. When I called him out on this, he said he "couldn't see me without his glasses" and so he had no idea I was asking for help with Molly. Ha. Don't believe this. He knew exactly what he was doing and he made sure he got his sleep! I dragged myself out of bed to face another work-from-home and take-care-0f-three-kids day and Kyle left for work.

I was hoping the day would improve .... but NO! Surprise! Lily has had a blowout in her bed. The poop is everywhere (so much for shoving in the Gerber foods last night - this is my punishment for that deed). Everywhere. On the toys in her bed, her hands, the sheet, the pacifiers. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. Lily gets a quick bath in the kitchen sink and I decide to deal with the poop in the bed later because my quick calculation tells me that both babies are hungry at the same time. I hate double feedings. Hate them. This is what makes me not like the twin experience sometimes.

The twins scream until I get them situated with food. Claire is bouncing around trying to talk to me, and I can't focus on her at all and tell her as much. The babies get fed. Poop in bed gets cleaned. And during all this, I have to log into work and make sure my IM is up and running and start responding to emails so it looks as though I'm having a wonderfully productive work day at home. I have a love/hate relationship with work-from-home (WFH) days. I wouldn't want to miss the extra time with the kids (or pay a nanny for these 3 days), but juggling the care of infant twins and a 3-year-old and a job where I'm required to be responsive to customers is often more than I can handle. I'm loopy at the end of these WFH days. Exhausted. So it doesn't help I'm missing a couple extra hours of sleep today.

Oh JOY! The husband just called and after re-hashing this morning's fight over my lack of sleep he just informed me we have no Coke in the house. Coke! It's my lifeline! It has sugar and caffeine and I couldn't be a mother without it. I've got two babies sleeping so there's no way to run up to the McDonald's just 1 minute from our house for an easy fix. I swear in the old days moms used to sneak away from the house like that, but nowadays we'd be put in jail for the 4-minute McDonald's run. Sidenote: isn't there something about McDonald's wanting to be X number of minutes away from everyone's house? Clearly we fit their model.

So I have no Coke. And it's lunchtime. This is not a good combination. I will be a zombie very soon. Claire is asking for spaghettios (it's her daily lunch request), so I must attend to her needs. She is camped out in front of cartoons (how else do you think I WFH with a child her age?? And yes, I know, it's AWFUL I do this) so this gives me some peace to zap those spaghettios. And post this. And scheme about getting that Coke.

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