Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Brick Wall

I hit the biggest brick wall ever last night at 5pm. After my bad night of sleep (see previous post for details) I literally couldn't take care of a kid or make dinner or do anything once my husband got home from work. He made dinner (his version of spaghetti which is Prego + meat but who am I to complain when my dinner was handed to me?) and I tried to take a nap but Claire interrupted me four times despite being asked to leave me alone (Kyle can't cook AND watch a kid of course). We got all three to bed and then I was asleep at 9:30pm last night. A record in my book as I'm the original late nighter. And then, bless her, Molly threw me a bone last night - she slept straight until 6am this morning. WOO HOO I feel like a new woman today. It's amazing what a little unbroken sleep will do for someone.

Waiting for the twins to wake so we can enjoy some of the decent (though humid) weather today. And please note the cute shirts (courtesy of my sister, the clothes hound) my three are wearing in the photo today.

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