Saturday, January 23, 2010

Seventeen Days

Seventeen days since my last post ... and likely seventeen different reasons I took this (first) blogging break. The weather has been dreadful, we've all got a bad case of cabin fever, I'm tremendously busy with work and often working well into the evenings after the kids go to bed, and I just needed a technology break. I think that about sums up the month of January. Bad winter blahs.

We really haven't gotten out of the house much since my holiday break in December due to snow, frigid cold, ice, and fog - we've had all sorts of nastiness here - so I've got limited updates and only a few photos to share. But share I will.

Claire and I finally made it to Kaleidoscope last Saturday, which is a free art place for kids thanks to the donations of recycled Hallmark materials. I thought the place was great fun, and plan to take the twins and Claire sometime soon. We also visited Union Station to see the Harvester's display of "can art" - familiar objects made entirely of canned food. Check out the photos ... it's pretty amazing what these teams came up with ... particularly Andy Warhol's Marilyn ...

... Marilyn won the Harvester's competition. It's worth a look if you're over in that part of Kansas City.

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