Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And More Snow

The snow has returned. With a vengeance. There are some winter scenes I get tired of seeing (slushy, dirty snow everywhere), and some that still fascinate, like this enormous icicle hanging from our house ...

... and here's our poor Christmas tree, just put out to pasture today ...

School was cancelled today, but the nanny was here because the snow didn't really start until lunchtime. I didn't leave the office until about 2:30pm when I realized the roads were beginning to get bad. I slid home, with a new humidifier in tow (the eczema problems in this household are spiraling), and tried to get more work done with Kyle meandering around too, but I wasn't overly successful. The house was just louder than usual, even though Claire went to play at neighbor Ashley's house.

So Kyle will soon be called out to snow plow, and I'll get no kid or house breaks for a while again. Friday looks to be one of the worst days yet with a low of -13F and a high of zero degrees. Frostbite can occur quickly in those conditions, which likely means the kids won't see the outdoors for a few more days. Obviously school is cancelled again for tomorrow, so I'll have a WFH day with all three stir crazy kids the whole day.

We've had better winters before.

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