Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'm really trying to come up with fun indoor activities given our recent weather. Problem is, a lot of the fun activities are messy, and I'm not so overjoyed by messy things.

So I tried to get past my fear of smeared paint on furniture ("washable" doesn't always mean that, Crayola), put down a drop cloth, stripped down the twins, and let them paint with Claire. They loved it, and got just as messy as you would imagine. Here are some photos of the fun ...

... incidentally, Claire has been taking an art class at 4pm every Friday (it runs for just four weeks, so we only have one class left), and she loves it. The twins and I walk around the community center for an hour, or attend the open gym time, while Claire does art. It's been a fun thing to do on Friday.

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